Founded in 2013 with the goal in mind to prepare Arizona students for college and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields, The Central Arizona ENLIST program strives to identify and enhance connections between K- 12 classroom teachers, STEM industry partners, and college students and staff.

ENLIST aims to populate Arizona’s K-12 curriculum with lessons founded on industry products, practices and processes and involves our collaborators in community events that confirm partnerships and engage families.

Our model offers K-12 students the opportunity to experience real world practical knowledge through project-based learning in an innovative guest-lecture classroom environment that is conducive to inquiry and discussion with peer and career professional leaders.

STEM Education in Arizona

As the need for a highly-skilled workforce continues to grow, the importance of a quality STEM education has never mattered more. Only 20% of degrees awarded in Arizona are in STEM fields. Recognizing this fact, Rio Salado College is doing its part to improve STEM education in Arizona through a variety of programs and initiatives aimed at better preparing today’s students for the jobs of tomorrow.

The Arizona STEM Network

The Arizona STEM Network, led by Science Foundation Arizona, is a collaboration among businesses, educators, government and philanthropy with a common agenda to graduate more Arizona students prepared for the global economy through STEM education.

The Benefits of Mentoring

ENLIST satisfies the pressing need for greater STEM content knowledge and hands-on skills in K-12 classrooms by leveraging the understanding and experiences post-secondary pre-professional STEM students and career STEM professionals. This can benefit younger students in STEM learning and their teachers in STEM teaching and leadership.

Through tiered mentoring, integration of younger and older students with classroom teachers is increasingly being used.  It has shown to be an advantage to link STEM content and skills with pedagogy to make more effective and efficient STEM teaching and learning.

As Arizona moves to adoption and implementation of Common Core State Standards in math (CCSS) and science (NGSS), few programs could be timelier than ENLIST.